Get your corporate garden ready for the festive season.

December signals the start of the festive season and it’s time to get ready for the holidays. Whatever way your organisation is planning to celebrate this happy time, if you have a corporate garden, you can add a touch of festive fun to it in just a few easy steps. This will go a long way to making sure the garden looks its best for staff and visitors – especially if you are planning to use it to host any festive events.

Here are our top suggestions for getting your corporate garden ready for the festive season:

1. Start with the basics and make sure your garden is in tip top shape – mow the lawns with the blades set on high for a lush look, trim the hedges, mulch the beds, cut away rambling branches, and clear out any weeds in the beds or on the paths.

2. Top up any gravel paths or pause areas with fresh gravel to ensure a maintained look and even walking surface.

3. Make sure any water features and fountains are clean and in perfect working order. If you’re hosting an event like a Christmas cocktail party, add floating candles to each feature for a magical glow.

4. Clean up any outdoor furniture – some might just need to be given a good scrub while a lick of paint and a set of new cushions can revitalise tired benches and seats.

5. Wrap pretty fairy lights around tree trunks or wind them around benches and veranda railings. Coloured lights can add a truly festive vibe or go for a classic look with traditional white lights. If they flash or twinkle, even better!

6. If the garden is looking a little dull and you don’t have time to plant new flowering plants, bring in potted flowers like red petunias or poinsettias – the traditional Christmas flower. With decorative pots and the right placement, they will add some much needed (summer fun) colour to the garden.

7. If your organisation is celebrating Christmas, get a live Christmas tree and have a tree decorating party to get a sense of festive fun going in your office. Or you could use the party as a team building exercise – get several small trees and divide your staff into teams and have a tree decorating competition. Once the festivities are over, you can plant the trees in the garden or donate them to a school.

8. If your organisation is not celebrating a traditional holiday, pick a holiday theme and use it throughout the garden – decorate with signage or figurines or allow departments to get creative by theming with their own little area of the garden.

From regular garden maintenance to helping you design a whole new look and feel, Ecobalance offers a full professional garden service. Our team will make sure your corporate garden looks great all the time, ready for any season or event.

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