A garden with no grass? No problem!

A garden with no grass? No problem!

Do you have a garden with no grass? Or do you want one? At home or at the office, when it comes to a grass garden, a lawn can be high maintenance, take up valuable space, and be a little too traditional for your tastes. The good news is that a garden doesn’t have to have grass or, at least, doesn’t have to be dominated by a lawn.

It is possible to landscape a garden without grass!

Here are five great ideas for a garden that has no lawn but still works as a beautiful outdoor space:

1. Go Zen

Zen gardens are all about tranquillity and order. And they’re achieved with courtyard space, gravel paths, and neatly organised and maintained plants. The great thing about gravel? It’s truly low maintenance – only requiring a refill every now and then. Just be sure to have a professional do the job as you could end up with a mess if the ground isn’t prepared and the gravel isn't laid properly from the start.

2. Or go indigenous

While there might be some grass in indigenous gardens, the striking water wise plants and gravel pause areas associated with this style of gardening means a lack of rolling lawn will not be missed. A properly cared for indigenous garden is low-maintenance and always looks perfectly in place.

3. Instead of a traditional green garden, turn your outside area into an entertainment courtyard

Use flag stones and build a braai, fire pit, or food station. Scatter tables, chairs, and umbrellas around the courtyard. Potted plants, small plants interspersed between the pavers of flagstone foot paths, or a stunning vertical garden will soften the look and stop the area for looking too bare or functional.

4. Replace lawn with a vegetable garden

As attractive as it is edible! When it comes to a home garden, this will mean fresh veggies straight from your garden to your kitchen. For an office garden, a veggie patch makes a great team project or social responsibility initiative. Not keen on veggies? Grow flowers instead.

5. Make your outdoor space all about a feature

Whether it’s an outdoor fireplace, a well-placed fountain or a water feature like a terraced waterfall, not only will a unique feature draw visitors out into the garden, it will draw the eye away from the ground and any concerns about a lack of green.

Simbith Garden Emboya11.jpeg

Not sure a ‘no grass’ garden is such a great idea? While you might think that a garden must have grass, this is not the case. For water-wise individuals and businesses, for example, a ‘no grass’ garden is the answer to a costly and unnecessary water bill. So, it’s not only good for the environment, it’s good for your pocket too! 

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