Three ways your office garden can increase work satisfaction

Research shows that spending time outdoors creates a happier, healthier work environment with more productive and satisfied employees. This makes an on-site office garden the perfect way to give back to your employees and make them happier at work.

Here are three ways your office garden can increase work satisfaction for you and your employees:

1. Easy exercise

An office garden gives your employees the perfect opportunity to exercise, take a creativity break, and release stress, without having to leave the office. This allows them to work out and enjoy fresh air and a change of scenery in as little time as a lunch hour without having to travel at all. Whatever the size of your garden, you can make it conducive to some form of exercise – think an outdoor meditation space or, if your space is large enough, walking and running trails that wind through beautiful surrounds.

2. Meetings with a difference

Why not change things up a bit and meet outside? Or you could organise an outdoor team build. Having meetings outside can spark creativity, encourage interactions between different colleagues, and add something different to routine meetings. All without leaving your office property. 

3. A chance to give back

Modern organisations value and invest in corporate social responsibility. Giving back increases employee morale and gives staff a chance to do more than just their job. One way to do this is to make your office garden more than just an attractive outdoor space. A community vegetable patch, for example, can offer your employees a chance to farm fresh food for use in their own families or as part of a food bank project for the less fortunate while interacting with each other in a completely different space. This is a chance to do something good for others, right on your business’ doorstep. 

Office gardens beautify your workplace and encourage healthier, happier employees who are more productive and feel a greater sense of satisfaction while at work.

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