Simple but effective water-wise tips for your corporate garden.

Gardening trends come and go but being water wise never goes out of style. Do you have a corporate garden that requires plentiful and frequent watering? Do you feel your business water bill is too high because of your garden’s needs? Or are you trying to contribute to water restriction efforts?

Whatever your reason, you can still enjoy a beautiful corporate garden while being water wise.

Here are four simple but effective water-wise tips to keep your corporate garden alive and well:

1. Establish a watering schedule

Instead of watering haphazardly, decide on a watering schedule that requires minimum effort and uses as little water as possible. Water lawn areas in the morning and pots in the afternoon – watering before or after the hottest part of the day has passed will allow for maximum growth and hydration. Or speak to your gardening service about the best possible watering schedule for your garden – this should take into account location and the plant varieties. Better yet, go for an irrigation system – controlled watering at its best.

2. Don’t overwater

Check the weather forecast and let Nature do that watering for you if it’s going to be a rainy day. And watch how much water you give your garden – overwatering can damage plants, leach nutrients from the earth, and is an unnecessary waste.

3. Save water where you can

If your staff are involved in caring for your garden, make sure their equipment is in good working order – no leaky watering cans, hosepipes or taps that don’t close properly. Consider recycling water from your office kitchen – use ‘grey water’ to water the garden or install a Jojo tank and collect rainwater that can be used throughout your business to save on water costs.

4. Choose a water-wise garden design

Simple but effective water-wise tips for your corporate garden. If you're putting in a new office garden or think it’s time for a big revamp, choose a design or theme that’s both attractive and water-wise. Avoid water-guzzling plants. Get rid of large expanses of lawn and replace with attractive paving. Try an indigenous garden – indigenous plants tend to thrive in their own climate, are less thirsty, and need less care than exotic plants. 

Need help establishing and maintaining your corporate garden? We can help! Whether it’s designing and building an outdoor space that suits your business’ needs or revamping a space to reflect your organisation’s commitment to ‘going green’, Eco Balance can handle the project for you, from start to finish.

Eco Balance Landscaping can help you with great water-wise garden concepts for your ideal corporate garden.