Beat The Drought: Water Zoning practices to ensure conservation

With water restrictions and water shedding currently in effect in various municipal areas, it is a great idea to become familiarised with ways to create an efficient watering system. If you've prepared for the summer with rainwater harvesting containers like Jojo Tanks and proper tools for administering water wise solutions for your new or existing garden, it is important to be sure your garden is designed to maximise water usage.

You can find out more information about water zoning practices here.

Water Zoning Principles

In a nutshell, water zoning is simply grouping plants according to their watering needs. If done properly, it can save you upwards of 50% in water usage for your garden and also safeguard against your plants competing for resources. It should always be revisited upon introducing new plants and redesigning of your garden. You'll want to group according to Low, Medium and High Usage.

Chat with your landscaping professional to ensure your plants are zoned properly and that you are maximising your water usage, especially now during this summer season where resources are scarce.

Book a free site visit with a landscaping professional to ensure your garden is designed to maximise water retention.