Keep Your Tanks Open For Rainwater

Spring is the promise of free water.

The supply of grey water for irrigating our gardens has been a boon for entrepreneurs and homeowners alike.

The promise of much needed spring rain and the delightful sound of rainwater flowing into our storage tanks once again is an exciting prospect. As you listen to the pitter-patter, think of a change in strategy you need to manage the supply of two sources of water: rainwater and purchased. 

Don't waste a drop! These tips will help you save water: 

  • Avoid losing the rain water to overflow by reducing the amount of purchased water by approximately 50%
  • Make sure all of your feeding channels are clear of debris – Collection surfaces, gutters, downpipes and filters.
  • Install an effective overflow system that feeds the excess water into flower beds and onto lawns.

How do you estimate the potential rainwater runoff from your roof?                                            

Rainfall of 15mm from a metal sheet roof area of 100m2 will put roughly 1500 litres into your tanks. So, depending on your tank capacity, you could fill them from one downfall depending on the roofing material. Clay tiles yield 50% less than metal sheets.  

So keep a check on the weatherman when you decide on your next purchase of grey water.

keep your mojo tanks open.jpg