Spring Feeding Organically

Spring feeding is a must for any garden. The more one feeds and composts the garden, the more beautiful and healthy the plants in the garden look. And all of a sudden having that lush and gorgeous garden you have always dreamed of becomes not as out of reach as you thought.

We must always remember that our gardens are not only used by ourselves but also as a home to a host of different micro-organism, insects, birds and small mammals. Which is why we should be very respectful about what we use to feed our gardens.

Eco Balance Landscapes chooses to feed and enrich gardens organically. By using organic products we are being gentle on our environment, ensuring that we do not destroy micro-organisms which are the building blocks of healthy soils.

Organic fertilisers and composts are products that have been produced from biological materials, avoiding synthetic substances. Soil fertility and ecological balance is maintained when using organic products thereby minimising pollution and wastage. Using organic fertilisers and compost promotes fair relationships and a good quality of life for all involved.