How to Spring Feed Your Garden Despite Water Restrictions

Your garden continues to grow despite water restrictions.

Although we have just come through a very dry winter and it feels as if though nothing is growing, it is! Even with the very little rain that has fallen, growth has been triggered in our gardens; nature continues regardless.

Our gardens are our little paradises and for us to continue enjoying their benefit we must continue to tend them. Feeding is important and must continue. Even more so because correct feeding and composting will sustain your garden throughout the drought.

Do not be afraid to compost and fertilise your garden during the water restrictions as by doing so you will save more water in the long run. 

 Here are a few pointers to remember:

  • Well composted and fed soils hold more water.
  • Compost can also act as mulch and reduce water from evaporating from the soil. 
  • Well-fed plants are strong and resilient and can withstand longer periods of little water.
  • Fertilise with an organic fertiliser which does not need to be watered in, saving you water.
  • Use grey water to water after your spring feed.