How to Spring Feed Your Garden In Three Easy Steps

Here are a few easy steps on how to manage a beautiful springtime garden, easily and efficiently! 

1. Well compacted compost should be turned into all garden beds. Cart the compost into the garden beds and then give it a gentle dig into the soil. The compost does a magnificent job of adding hummus to your soil which in turn directly benefits your plants. Plant roots grow with much more ease through a friable hummus rich soil than through some of the cement like soils in and around our neighbourhood. Compost breaks down in the soil and adds nutrients to the plants. Because compost breaks down, this means that composting needs to be repeated annually. However, this is just a general rule of thumb - composting more often would be even better!

2. Apply a good quality organic fertiliser into your garden beds, lawns and around all trees. It is best to use organic fertiliser as it is gentle on the microbes that live in the soil. The great thing about organic fertiliser is that even if it is applied too generously, it will not burn plant's leaves and their roots. Take handfuls of organic fertiliser and broadcast it generously. But remember to always follow the instructions on the bag as some brands require slightly more or less than others brands. 

3. Water your freshly composted and fertilised garden by using grey water that you have either set aside especially for the task or that you have bought from your local water recycle plant.