Drought Doesn't Mean That Spring Skips Your Garden

September is a month of promise; the promise of rainfall, the possibilities of brilliant spring and summer planting, and exploding colours.

But you might want to stop daydreaming. Our drought has not ebbed, and that will likely mean continued watering restrictions. So what on Earth is a gardener to do? 

Here are a few tips to get your spring garden blooming despite the drought: 

  • Plant smart by selecting less needy plant choices. This is the year where colourful, water hungry annuals are left off the shopping list.
  • Search out varieties that require little water once established.
  • Preparing your soil correctly is more important than ever.
  • Learn how to water properly, which, in reality, is a lot less than you think you need to water. Deep and infrequent watering is the key.
  • Do not shy away from establishing a vegetable patch. After all if you are going to water a plant, you should be able to eat it!

Amazingly the one thing that you and I do not have control over is that spring is deeply created within nature and sometimes, with just a hint of rain, spring embarks all by itself.