Irrigating Your Garden in Times of Drought

As temperatures rise and we ease into our spring and summer season, the need for water in our gardens is most critical. Rainfall is usually a very large part of watering our gardens at this time of the year. Sadly, due to the drought, rainfall is almost non-existent at present. In these circumstances we must remember that reducing irrigation to levels that are below the basic water needs of your garden will jeopardise the investment you made in your garden. 

So how can we continue to irrigate our gardens despite the drought?

  • Invest in Jo Jo water storage tanks and fill them with the necessary grey water available from the recycling plant.
  • Prioritise the most valuable areas in your gardens that should get water and change your irrigation controller accordingly.
  • Inspect your irrigation spray heads to ensure they are watering the garden and not pathways and roadways.

With these steps in place you will honestly be able to enjoy a pretty spring garden!