Verandah Gardens: Potting

Verandah Pots

Pot plants on your patio/veranda are like first impressions. Beautiful, well looked after plants will impress, while dried up dying flowers will definitely bring a frown to the face. This is an area where you could let some of your personality shine through.

The containers you choose can be funky and bright, vintage, or even a mixture of the two because these days anything goes! These can vary from painted coffee tins to really expensive ceramic pots.

When you choose plants to pot onto your patio, please take some weather factors such as light, temperature and wind into account, because placing a delicate Fern under direct sun is like placing an Aloe in the shade, it just spells disaster!

Try to group the same plant species together. If you choose Aloe then use three different types of Aloe - but only do this if you have a blank canvas, which is something we know requires a lot of discipline to withold our temptations to take a slip here and there, or a piece of someone's favourite plant they think you really must have! It's always good to go with a mix of different containers for a collection of all your (and other people's) different plants that you have maybe collected over the years, and what is cooler than seeing the plant or slip you were given by an adoring aunt or gran flourish?