Verandah Gardens: Golden Watering Rules

There are three Golden Rules for watering the plants on your verandah.

Watering verandah plants could never be easier if you follow these simple rules :

Do the finger tip test

Never water before you have done the finger tip test. Press your finger into the soil and feel the soil. If the soil is still wet or moist then delay watering. Only water when you feel that the soil is dry. Remember that most verandah plants die due to over watering! 

Water deep

When you do water , do a deep watering . Water should run out the base of the pot. Flushing the soil when watering ensures that the fertiliser and nutrients do not build up in the soil and cause damage to the plant.

Remove excess water and never allow the plants to stand in water

I know that we would like to just water and run but making the extra effort to ensure that the pot plant is not sitting in water will ensure its survival.