Verandah Gardens: Feeding Rules

Have you ever wondered in envy how your friend can have such beautifully flowering and healthy plants on her verandah? Her secret is definitely that she FEEDS her plants.

Three Golden Rules for feeding the plants on your verandah:

Feed Regularly

Regular feeding ensures optimum growth, health and flowering for your verandah plants. The pot plant foods one can buy now days are very specially formulated and easy to use as they are well described on the packaging. Buy flowering pot plant food for your flowering plants and basic plant food for your green and leafy plants. Feed your plants according to the dosage described on the package, and note that regular feeding is a must. Get into a bi monthly feeding programme and you will never be sorry.

Feed carefully

Watch your dosage by following the dilution rates on the packaging very carefully. Many cherished pot plants have been killed by fertiliser burn. It is much better to feed a little on a regular basis than a big dollop in one go.

Flush the food down

Plant food can build up in the pot plant and burn the roots of the plant if the plant food is not flushed down and through the potting soil. This is done when you water your pot plants - ensure you water the pots deeply, letting excess water run out the base of the pot. Feeding and watering your pot plant need to be seen as two different acts. Feed your plants on a set routine basis but only water your pot plant when you have felt that the soil is dry.