Garden Maintenance: Weeding my Garden

Weeds are a constant problem in a garden. Weeds are relentless during the  growing season becoming lethal during winter as they spill their seeds, making their eradication in summer a huge undertaking .They should be dealt with promptly by pulling them out or, if necessary, spray thoroughly with a specialised weed killer as soon as they appear and before they set seed.

Weeds compete for nutrients and light and if left unchecked are detrimental to the success of the plants planted in your garden .The labour and chemical costs of eradicating weeds has a very negative impact on the economics of a successful landscape, vegetable gardens or any tilled filed  if not treated timeously. Discouraging weeds requires a multi-pronged approach.

Here are a few garden practises that can assist in reducing weeds in your garden:

  • Plant your garden densely, not only is this beneficial for a full and luscious look but it also shades the soil. This makes it difficult for weeds to grow, keeping your maintenance minimal.
  • Keep your garden beds well covered with plants. Soil covered with groundcovers is less likely to get weeds than bare patches of soil, so plant groundcovers or even throw down a couple of vegie seeds or seedlings on the bare spot. 
  • Mulch is the low-maintenance landscaping hero. Spreading over the soil after planting will hinder weed growth by acting as a weed barrier and will prevent the soil from drying out too quickly. 
  • Have a regular weeding routine for your garden. Although it will never rid weeds entirely, it will eventually break the back of very heavy infestations. 
  • Learn what a weed is so that weed infestations do not flourish under your ignorant blessing.