Garden Glamour: Plant Cage

From parrot cage to plant cage!

1.       Find Polly’s old cage (that noisy parrot that drove us all insane!). Sadly, Polly left for birdie heaven years ago and his cage is just sitting in the garage collecting dust and is always in your way. You have threatened to throw it out so many times, then the guilt steps in and you don’t, poor Polly what would he think? Here’s what he would think, let’s turn it into a flower cage!

2.       Get your hands on a tin of spray paint and spray it a funky new colour, as we have done with this one, or for the vintage look leave as is, a bit of rust never hurt anyone.

3.       Plant up with beautiful succulents that will find a way of “escaping “ through the bars of the cage and cascading down, creating a flowy look. A little effort really goes a long way, you will be able to enjoy it for years to come, or until the rust takes its toll, and Polly’s cage joins him in birdie heaven.