Garden Glamour: Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets always conjure up memories of dried up flowers in desperate need of water, hanging from your granny’s balcony, collecting every bug, spider and dust particle in sight. Lucky for us, that’s not the case anymore, especially for those of us that don’t have gardens to play around in. Now we can be so creative with hanging baskets, from beautiful flowering annuals that you can change as the season changes, to succulents that seem to go on forever, demanding almost no attention, even fruit, like strawberries are perfect for these baskets. One of my personal favourites for these hanging baskets, is the herb basket.  It’s like having a pantry of fresh herbs at your fingertips, and there is just something so special about being able to pick your own herbs to cook with. Considering what we pay for fresh herbs in the shops, this is really, after the initial set-up cost, the most cost effective way to have fresh herbs at your disposal.

So whether you choose plants, fruit or herbs, hanging baskets are the new Gucci of gardening.