Autumn: How to transplant a tree

Autumn is a very important planting season in the garden especially for tree planting . Autumn tree planting will certainly pay handsome dividends in the long run because the roots spend the whole Autumn and winter period developing their root network .As spring arrives these autumn planted trees do not miss a beat by growing prolifically from the get go. If you need to relocate established trees and shrubs to a more suitable position in your garden, autumn is the best time to do so.

How to transplant a tree :

Tip 1: In preparation for the big move, always prune trees and shrubs before digging them out, this helps to minimize transplant shock, this gives them a much better chance to make a rapid recovery in their new home.

Tip 2: Prepare the new hole before you even start digging the tree or shrub out. Good hole preparation is key. A general rule for a medium sized tree (of about a man's height) is to dig a 1m x 1m hole and about 800mm deep. Now that is a lot of digging, but worth the effort when you see your tree flourishing. Mix the soil that has come out of the hole with generous amounts of compost, bone meal and a general fertilizer.

Tip 3 : Water the empty hole by filling the hole to the top with water. Allow that water to drain away into the soil and then do the same again.

Tip 4: Very important when transplanting any plant, is to firmly compress the soil around the roots of the plant. You can really be quite tough about it. Even a great big stomp with your garden boots is good. Large air pockets around the roots cause the fine root hairs to dry out and cause the death of the plant.

Tip 5: The "Life and Death" tip: Never plant your tree too deep in the hole. If soil covers the stem of your tree, higher than what it was in its original position, it will die.

Tip 6Water the newly transplanted tree or shrub about three times a week. Always check surrounding soil first to ensure it is dry and only then water. Be very careful not to over water a newly transplanted tree.