10 Ways to care for your lawn during times of drought

Below are 10 simple and quick ways to keep your garden looking its best during water restrictions. 

1.     Watch your mow height:  Lift the height setting of your mower one notch. Whatever you do, do not cut your lawn too short when it is water stressed. Not only can it be fatal but stressed lawn lets in weeds and is a prime target for pests.

2.     Mow your lawn regularly: If you leave the lawn to grow too long and then suddenly mow it during these dry times then your lawn will go into stress and dry up.

3.     Use organic fertiliser pellets to feed your lawn:  We have to keep our lawn strong and well matted by regular feeding it. The more well matted your lawn, the less weeds will invade your lawn. Organic fertiliser is used because it doesn’t require watering when applied.

4.     Use “Grey Water” to water your lawn: Connect a soft plastic pipe to your shower, bath and even washing machine outlet to divert this grey water onto your lawn instead of the drain. Move the position of the pipe on a daily basis to give each section of lawn a watering opportunity. This soapy type water is also a great option if one has pests in the lawn.  It’s a “kill 2 birds with 1 stone” approach!

5.     Plant trees to provide afternoon shade for your lawn: The hottest and fiercest sun is the afternoon sun. Lawns that are exposed to the full blaze of the afternoon sun dry to a crisp during water scarce times. Avoid this trouble in future by planting trees to cast shade on the lawn in the afternoons.

6.     Weed your lawn fastidiously:  Weeds take over lawns seemingly overnight if left unchecked, especially in dry periods as they require a lot less water that grass. Do not lose your lawn to weeds!

7.     Water deeply but less often: Help your lawn develop deep growing roots by watering deeply but less often. This will ensure a much hardier and resilient lawn during the drought.

8.     Keep the termites at bay: Inspect your lawn regularly for any termite activity. During the drought the termites are the most active and they thrive on the dried out bits of your lawn. Their aggressive feeding habits can destroy your lawn.

9.     Reduce your lawn area: Rather have a small patch of good looking lawn than a large lawn that cannot be watered or cared for. Allow some of your lawn areas to turn into wild grass areas and choose a smaller patch of lawn close to your entertainment area that you can concentrate your efforts on.

10.  Allow for mixed lawn varieties: During these difficult growing conditions one may have to overlook being a purist regarding grass varieties. For now the most important aim is to have a green lawn even if it is two different types that are growing side by side and intertwined. It often works out for your benefit too as the one variety will flourish in shadier sides of your garden and the other in the sunnier.