Paving: Small Spaces


Paving Small Spaces

How many times do you look  at your outdoor space and think that if you just extended your paving by a little it would improve the functionality of the space? And how many times do you discount the idea because you just do not know who to even ask to do a neat and professional paving extension for you? Well, no matter how small your renovation is, it can be done and there are companies who offer wonderful paving  renovation solutions for large or small gardens.

One of the prime reason for paving extensions would be when a patio overhang casts too much shade for the lawn to grow any longer. Instead of having bare patches of ground in your garden, why not consider extending your paving?

Here are a few practical points about paving extensions to consider before taking the leap :

1. What paving should you purchase?

Can the size and colour of your existing paving stone or paving cobbles be matched? Remember that the colours do not need to match 100% but there should be some cohesion in the look.

2. What lurks beneath the surface?

Are there any important services under the proposed paving area that need to be moved before laying the paving, such as electrical conduits or water main pipes or even irrigation pipes? If this point is not paid any attention, the consequences could be disastrous.. You should be able to find this information on your house plans.

Paving small spaces

3. What are the rules that your Estate or Body Corporate has about paving extensions?

Every estate or complex has their own unique set of rules pertaining to ANY extensions and these should never be overlooked as you may find yourself in hot water, or out of pocket. Work with your body corporate to finding the best solution - they are not there to play policeman but rather to enhance the value of your property overall.

4. Should you be trying a little DIY here or should you use a professional?

The advantage of using an experienced company to do your paving renovation is that they make sure that the base preparation is thick enough and firmly compacted  for the kind of usage your paving needs. As a example, the base preparation for a driveway always needs to be thicker and more compact than a paved patio or paved pedestrian walk way. Your paving installer will know the minimum specifications for each paving type.

Paving is a great way to enhance any area - don’t be scared to move forward, just be sure you do your homework!