Paving: Cobble Stones

Cobbles provide an attractive finish to surfaces that need to be aesthetically appealing. Cobbles in the landscape are ideal for driveways, roadways and walkways as they are both pedestrian user and vehice friendly.

In years gone by Cobblestones stones were frequently used in the pavement of early streets. "Cobble", means "rounded lump” and originally referred to any small stone rounded by the flow of water; essentially, a large pebble. It was these smooth "cobbles", gathered from stream beds that paved the first "cobblestone" streets. Now days Cobblestones are available in dome, flat or Tuscan styles

Cobblestones are either set in sand or similar material, or are bound together with mortar. Paving with cobblestones allows a road to be heavily used all year long. It has the additional advantage of not getting muddy in wet weather or dusty in dry weather.

Today’s  cobblestones set in sand have the environmental advantage of being porous, this allows for the drainage of surface water which then permeates into your landscape and garden instead of being washed out into the storm water system.

We are spoilt for choice as there is a large selection of cobblestones available on the market today. The designs are particularly attractive using superior technology and colours enhancing any small garden and yard or large commercial landscape projects.