Small Garden Ideas: Water Wise Solutions

To have the privilege of adopting the slogan “No Water? No Problem”, you will need sound plans to store water or even recycle water. You could store water in a JoJo tank or recycle the water through out your property. Storing water in a tank can be a decision that will save your garden during water shortages.

Thankfully our indigenous gardens can survive longer periods of dry conditions without dying, however they will still loose a bit of their beauty, start looking scraggly and some may even start looking yellow in colour when they are under great stress. For this reason, it is why we should really be making plans to store some water for the beauty and health of our gardens. Storing water is also a very good way to avoid the inconvenience of water interruptions and can provide an emergency water supply for up to 48 hours. An even better idea would be to link two tanks together and increase your water storage capacity and then you can truly shout out “No Water? No Problem!”