Small Garden Ideas: How to store water from your home

Storing water for future use in your garden or even for a backup supply during water interruptions is very simple indeed. There is a whole range of robust plastic tanks available to choose from in a host of different colours. With the correct colour choice your storage tank can blend in with the colour theme of your home.

The best advice is to select the biggest storage tank that space will allow. You can get up to a 10 thousand litre tank, this may be a bit bulky for a normal sized garden. The 5 thousand litre tank is one of the most popular sizes and only needs roughly a 2meter  x 2meter size area to fit into snuggly. The best news for smaller spaces is that there is a Slim Line tank that is 760mm wide and even looks pleasing to the eye. Slim Line tanks fit perfectly into those narrow corridors next to townhouses and duplexes. Joining two or three of these Slim Line tanks together increases your storage capacity in a narrow space.

If you really do not have space above the ground you could investigate an underground tank. They are out of sight and out of mind, especially suitable for saving space. These underground tanks have been especially reinforced and do come at a higher cost. Whether above or below the ground, water storage is becoming a necessity.