Beat the drought: Summer Rejuvenation the Eco Balance Way

With the holiday season looming, if your garden has suffered over the last couple of months due to the drought and water restrictions, then you'll need to aggressively implement a strategy for bringing your plant life back to a healthy state. Part of this is ensuring that your plans for January and February consist of not only water retention, but also efficient splitting, dividing and pruning to make sure that every square meter of garden is maximising intake.

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Pruning to maximise water intake

If you missed our earlier post regarding effective pruning practises, you can read about it in our maintenance tips section. The gist of it is really simple. If you leave small, drying out buds (or ends) the plant will still distribute water to those ends. Common sense dictates that if they weren't there, the nutrients and water would be more efficiently distributed to the healthy parts of the plant and increase areas like flowering. With the proper pruning of regressing areas, your garden will not only look healthier, but will actually BE healthier. This also increases the overall life of the plants in your garden, so it is essential to a healthy eco system.

Mulching to create a power bank for your plants

With the proper mulching technique, your garden maintenance team will ensure the slow recharge of your plants throughout the drought. Think of it like a power bank charger for your phone. The rain over the last few days could last up to 2 weeks longer for your plants and assist them with a slower intake throughout the drought, similar to a slow trickle charge until the next influx of power (rain). If you're using reclaimed water, you'll also get more bang for your buck as you can schedule longer gaps between watering and create even more efficiency.

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