Beat the drought: Getting the most out of your JoJo Tank

Time to fine tune your rainwater harvesting skills. If you missed our previous posts on tips for your JoJo Tank - you can find them here. Otherwise, you can read on for a few quick tips on how to make sure you're running at 100%.

Improve water quality: Adding a First Flush Diverter

Example of a First Flush Diverter

Example of a First Flush Diverter

A First Flush Water Diverter can significantly improve water quality and even reduce tank maintenance. As its name indicates, it flushes the first layer of water before entering your tank, preventing roof contaminants  from polluting your water.

This system also protects rainwater pumps and household appliances such as clothes washing machines, toilets and hot water systems. It ensures clean water is ready for use.

The Leaf Catcher - another line of defence in cleanliness

Your handy Leaf Catcher provides a stainless steel mesh screen to catch unwanted roof debris. This can be accompanied with a second mesh screen at the tank opening to further prevent insects and keep water extra clean.

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