Beat the Drought: Watering with Mulch

Mulched soils are the perfect arena for healthy plant growth. Especially in a drought, all that water retention is deeply appreciated by plant roots. While it is still necessary to water plants, if you've been a recent buyer of  a Jojo tank unit and have commenced rain water harvesting, you can easily target root zones with your reclaimed water.

Haven't ordered your water tank yet? Start rainwater harvesting today to help beat the drought!

Some of the ill factors of a thirsty plant can range from mediocre blooms, severe stress and lack of production and even foilage abnormalities. Worst of all, you run the risk of losing the plant altogether. If you haven't added mulch to your garden, you may miss out on all of the incoming rain to set yourself up for the summer. If you haven't yet, head over to our mulching page to enquire!