Small Garden Ideas: Garden Design Must Haves - Trees

Proper planning and preparation when considering your garden design will ensure a personal retreat that meets all your landscaping needs, compliments your style and provides long lasting enjoyment. This requires careful consideration to the ‘must-haves’ before letting your imagination run wild with thoughts of the ‘nice-to-haves’ of  the likes of outdoor home theaters, pizza ovens, open fire pits and built-in wine coolers.

These ‘must-have’ essential features need to be included in your plans for a beautifully functional, comfortable and sustainable outdoor living space: 

Landscaping Design: Significance of Trees

Trees are an essential component of gorgeous garden/landscaping design and should be the first things considered. Wether you have a large or small garden trees can be planted for shade, privacy screening, blocking unsightly views, act as a windbreak, reduce air temperature around the house; to bring birds and bugs to your garden and of course for their decorative appeal. Keeping the sun off your home and windows in summer could cut down on your air conditioning and therefore your electricity bill.

Remember, whenever you plant a tree, consider the root system and make sure you plant it well away from walls, paving or plumbing. From Acacias to Ziziphus, when buying trees it is wise to seek specialist advice from a trained horticulturist to help choose appropriate varieties thus ensuring a happy gardening experience for you. Or simply give us a call and we'll assist!