Landscaping Ballito: Considering a Landscaping Company for your Garden.

Choosing a reputable landscaping company

A reputable landscaper will be affiliated to a professional organization like SALI (South African Landscape Institution) to ensure they follow landscaping principles and install a landscape in line with a set of minimum standards prescribed by SALI.

A landscaper would have skilled and experienced labour for the work that is required.

A professional Landscaping company would know the invader plants and exotic weeds which compete with indigenous plants for our precious water resources and how to eradicate them saving you on your water bill and labour.

A highly regarded company will have an insurance policy that covers any mishaps on site . Some mishaps can be small like broken windows etc. and on a rare occasion these accidents can be financially crippling if one does not use a professional company that has the correct insurance policies.

Hiring a landscape design team will greatly benefit you in time, money and resources. Contact us today to get started and gain peace of mind.